How to make Sea Moss Gel

Quick Tip:

In the video above we used the entirety of the water in the bowl to make the blend, however if you are looking for a more gelatinous consistency you should start with a ratio of 8-10 oz of water to 1 oz of dry moss. Blend your mix and if you are happy with the consistency then go ahead and throw it in the refrigerator. A more watery consistency is preferred for those who like to drink it easily or add it to soft drinks, while a more gelatinous consistency is preferred for those who like to make face masks, apply it topically to themselves or use it for smoothies and thicker drinks. Our Sea Moss Gel comes in glass jars and are 16 oz of our delicious gelatinous texture gel. Our Sea Moss Raw pouches can yield up to 64 oz of gel when prepared properly. 

Ways to enjoy Sea Moss Gel