Customers usually ask...

Does your Sea Moss Gel have taste?

Our Sea Moss Gel, when taken on its own, can have a very small (almost unoticeable) taste of iron.

If taken with something like coffee, or a smoothie for example, Sea Moss Gel becomes tasteless and unoticeable!

Where is your sea moss from?

Our sea moss is sourced from our company's team of trustworthy farmers in the pristine waters of Saint Lucia. We take great pride in the quality of products we are able to provide our customers and know that you will experience a flavor and texture that is unmatched.

Is your sea moss organic and pure?

Yes, our sea moss grows in its natural habitat off the coasts of Saint Lucia and is then sun dried to perfection. It is then packaged for freshness and into your hands. We never use any chemicals or agents to alter the look or feel of our products. UNTAMED, UNDOMESTICATED, UNALTERED and ready to enjoy.

How much sea moss gel should I consume, and how often? How do I store it?

Our recommended daily amount is 2 tablespoons. Our raw (dry) sea moss can last up to one year in a cool dry place when kept in its package.  Gel must be refrigerated and kept in its jar, or any airtight container and can last up to 4 weeks if refrigerated properly (Preferably very cool). If you desire extended storage you may freeze for up to 3 months.

How long will my sea moss last?

Our sea moss gel can last up to 4 weeks refrigerated and up to 3 months frozen. A fun way to do this is to put the gel into ice cube trays to freeze them and bring them out whenever it's time to make that smoothie =)

The raw dried form of sea moss can last in its pouch in a cool dry area for up to a year.

What are some ways I can take or use sea moss gel?

The beautiful thing about sea moss gel is that it has so many uses!

To ingest the gel you may add it to teas, coffees, soups, salads, smoothies, and essentially anything you are comfortable with. It is very easy to make it a part of your every day diet. Sea moss gel naturally has a very slight (almost unnoticeable) iron-ish taste if taken alone. When using in the examples above as we recommend, it is practically tasteless.

To use the gel for your skin and hair you can apply it topically to any desirable amount of places such as your nails, arms, head and face. A lot of people make face masks and hair masks out of it as well. Users report it helping their breakouts and many other skin related conditions!

How can I make my own sea moss gel with the raw version?

Here is a link to our tutorial on how to make sea moss gel. Click below!

Make your own sea moss gel!

Can pregnant women and children take sea moss?

Sea moss is 100% natural, provides essential nutrients and minerals, and many children and pregnant women take it to enjoy all its benefits. Since every pregnancy varies, please consult with your physician before consumption.

Do you sell your products somewhere other than online?

Yes, we are currently expanding our network of partners and sell in supermarkets such as Ctown, Fine Fare and Keyfood in locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We hope to continue growing and spread knowledge of this amazing sea plant!

Do you accepts returns or exchanges?

Due to the nature of our products being consumable and perishable, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final. Please refer to our refund policy for more info regarding your product arriving damaged.